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75 Degrees Fahrenheit at Noon

The sunshine and fresh cool air is beyond gorgeous this morning! I almost feel guilty telling you about it with so many places in the states that are overwhelmed by record high temps. Almost. A light misty rain started last night about 8pm and it increased for a couple of hours to a steady soaker. Always after the rain we have such clear and gorgeous days.

I saw a post for a lounge on a FB group for lakesiders to buy and sell stuff. Ran out and got it yesterday so I can start taking advantage of this wonderful sun for short time each day. I might even be able to get a tiny bit of color on this aging white skin. No one would believe I lived in FL for 63 years before moving here to Mexico.

A friend, Rita, came over yesterday afternoon to visit and see the house and then we had lunch at the corner restaurant and relished the view of the lake from their front windows. She persuaded me to follow her into Chapala for the Thursday evening open mic night at El Patio, just a block off of the malecon. A bunch of old hippies who get together to play old rock and give time to those who want to perform; singing, stand up comedy, and just playing an instrument if they want. This was my second time there and it was a really nice evening out.

Prior to the event, Rita and I walked up the carretera and visited some of the shops. I found a couple of hanging plant containers that will be perfect for my inside ferns, just $1.75 USD each. A bargain!

I got home about 8:30 to find a note from FedX, they missed me for the delivery of my new painting purchased from Pedro in Guatemala. Wow, I didn't expect it to come so quickly! No problem though, they called me at 7:10 am to set up a delivery for today. I have to say, FedX here is really on the ball!

Project status: the chairs are all painted and seats covered. The cage aka inside garden is fully painted and ready for lights, fountain, and plants. The buffet is not quite finished being painted. But it feels really good to be completing projects. This weekend I will be getting back to my two canvases that need to be finished too. These walls are screaming for art!

Another friend/neighbor, Diann, just messaged me and we have a date (with her husband driving) to go to Tonala (Toe nah LA) next Wednesday. I've been drooling to do this trip. Can't wait to report back to you on the arts and crafts of this very well known town. I expect I'll be spending a bit while there. Oh my, I really have to curtail my purchasing soon or I'll have to start a business for more cash flow.

My trip back to Florida is booked and set. I'll be flying in on Sept 1st and back to MX on the 8th. Must see my daughter's newly completed home she just had built, must celebrate birthdays (my mom's 89th), and must share bountiful hugs with kids and grandkids. Also, must buy a couple af large suitcases to fill with things I've missed in MX and clothes from my closet a size smaller (yes, I will need them very soon) to bring back with me. I'll also be bringing my oldest son back with me for a week, the first family member to visit my Mexican digs.

But, you might ask, who will take care of the kitties in my absence? Not an issue. My dear friend and fellow artist, Bonnie, is moving here in late August from Ft Pierce. She'll be staying with me for a while as we meander the area to find her the perfect

apartment. September and October will hopefully also find other friends visiting too; like Katrina and Tonya, and Charlene after she goes to Ecuador. If I'm lucky I'll even see Lorraine soon.

Autumn will be a busy time of year. Mexico finds things to celebrate almost every week. There will be art and craft shows and side trips to take. The Monarch butterflies begin arriving in November and that is a must see for me this year. I'd love to do a 3-4 day trip to a Pacific coast beach town. And San Miguel de Allende is on my list too. So much yet to experience and discover! There's always room for you, come on down!

Blessings and have a wonderful weekend.

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