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Ah, my adventures began early today. By 8am I was ready to hit the road for Chapala to

get my veggies and goodies from the cremeria that I couldn't get yesterday - couldn't find a parking place in the afternoon. So today, I was determined to get there early and beat the crowds. The mountains north of me were so clear and pretty looking up my street.

I actually scored a place to park right on the corner in front of my destinations. Wow! Early is definitely the key! A package of fresh bagels, some cream cheese, and my natural yogurt for morning smoothies at the first shop. Then 3 more shops for the best looking fruits and veggies in each place, and I was done.

A quick decision to make a trip to Soriana (the grocery chain) for a bag of frozen fruit for the morning smoothies before I headed back to the country. I was doing great on timing because the yard sale I wanted to go to didn't start till 10am. Upon getting my cart and entering the store, I managed to do some kind of stupid footwork and ended up smashing the pinkie toe on my left foot into the back wheel of the cart. I saw fireworks for a minute but managed to keep going, knowing what I'd find when I got home.

A landmark day, my first broken toe in Mexico! Toes I've broken on many an occasion during my life. They heal. But they can smart a lot while they're getting better and I usually bang them against something a time or two before the injury is gone. Oh well, I still made it to the yard sale.

Next stop - home to unload the food and put the cold things in the fridge. I love unbagging the veggies and seeing all the fresh bright colors on my counter. Think I'll put a stew with some sirloin cubes, potatoes, carrots, and onions in the pressure cooker for tonight's meal. Yum! Then I'll freeze a few portions for future meals. A little here goes such a long way for me alone.

A couple of the adorable street dogs were lounging outside of my gate and I felt terrible that I didn't have food for them so I gave them each a few cubes of cheese. Next trip to Walmart and I'll get some kibble so I can give them a little when they stop by. Most of the people in the village do feed them so the pups are usually healthy looking but one that I hadn't seen before today had its ribs showing. Guess it was an out of towner. Well, if it hangs around here, it will fatten up.

Finally, I made it to the yard sale which was quite disappointing for potential purchases. I did find a magnifying glass (funny how often those come in handy) and a hot iron for my hair. I paid a total of 15 pesos for both (less than a dollar). But the best thing was that I ran into some friends there (Andrea, Rick, and Don) and met even more of my San Nicolas neighbors.

A new acquaintance, Lulu, and her husband live just up the street from me. They knew my house from seeing my van out front and had been here to buy furniture from the previous renter when she vacated. Lulu will be another friend who pops over for coffee in the mornings and wine in the afternoons.

On the way home I spied a picture perfect pair of donkeys. They are just so cute I want to hug them and they are apparently used to people feeding them because they trotted right over to the fence.

So, all of this before noon today! Yes, my life here is busier than I can remember it ever being on a social level. Andrea will be messaging me about possibly doing something in Guad tomorrow. We were also talking about getting a group together to go to the movies in San Antonio. Diann came over to visit yesterday and we enjoyed an hour of just chatting.

Another FB friend said it sounded like I have a full life. Yes. Yes I do.

Peace and Blessings for a wonderful weekend!

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