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A Very Bad Day

Updated: Jun 18, 2018

11am - Road construction on I-10 in LA. At a standstill. This is blowing my schedule and using my gas. I see semi trucks lined up a long way ahead. Dog was really ill last night. We were both awake most of the night, me with worry, she in pain. I got a young man to help me get her into the van this morning. She's sleeping now. More later.

6pm - We made it to Houston. I parked in front of the door to the room and was able to get Joy inside, then she collapsed. She had another episode and she cried and howled in pain. I am losing her and there isn't anything I can do. I feel so helpless while my baby is in agony. She is 85lbs and although I've called emergency numbers, no one comes out. They can only help if you take the animal to them. I can't pick her up and there is no one who can help me. This is so awful.

I read on Google about Aleve and side effects. It says if you give them too much over time it could negatively affect internal organs. It's all I have and her pain has to stop. I gave her some. Within 15 minutes she calmed and went to sleep.

I'm exhausted and am taking a bit to sleep too while she is resting.

11:00pm I woke because I heard her uneven laborious breath. She was dieing. I laid on the floor and held her, talking to her and telling her it was ok for her to go. She breathed her last in my arms. Her pain was gone.

I called my mom and sobbed the rest of the night.

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