• CheryLynn Ferrari


There are so many stories within stories about this trip just completed. I can say a few brief things now as I lie across my bed having taken a cold and refreshing shower and having consumed a wonderful dinner supplied by my extra special friend Laura. First, people who drive long distances for a living have my utmost respect. Also, people who drive back and forth to Mexico from the US and Canada a couple times a year need to have their heads examined! And finally, anyone who undertakes these adventures alone, with kids and or pets and survives, gets to join me in the echoing hall of the infamous. It's like climbing Mt Everest and planting a flag at the top. You have achieved something that lesser wills cringe to think about. I knew I was making a life changing decision to move to Mexico, but I had no idea just how life changing. When I got here I hugged Laura and tried hard to hold back tears. Wondering if I'm allowed to sleep for a month because I feel like I was run over by a semi. I know that time heals and I also know that sleep is my best friend. Everything can wait. I can defuse. I can breathe and take my tired hands off of the steering wheel for a while. As Laura says, I don't HAVE to do anything. In reality, I know I have so much to do, but I also know I have so much time to do it in.

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