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Challenges and Blessings

Updated: Jun 18, 2018

My first coffee at dawn from my very dirty mirador. The hazy beginnings of rosy hues to the east and over the lake. Birds are singing, the temp is about 65 with low humidity, and because the festivities continue the loud pops began again about 6 am with music coming from the square. Horses are grazing the field near the lake. The healthy looking street pups are roaming for their early handouts, the swollows nesting on my house (4 nests) are flitting busily back and forth. And in the west, the full moon is disappearing for the day. Ahhhhhh.

So, challenges....... my van doesn't fit into the carport, I have an empty propane tank and no hot water, my cell phone service seems to be intermittent,

the house phone is dead.

but I have electricity and water and groceries thanks to Laura, and I made coffee......and everything else will get taken care of.

I subscribe to a daily faith post on FB and this is the one for today. Thank you Susie Larson.

"Morning Blessing: May you refuse to connect the dots on your painful experiences and thus draw a wrong conclusion about yourself and God. May you instead be hemmed in by God's powerful promises; and may you be defined by His very personal love for you. May you refuse to let your past speak to you, except to teach you. And may you insist on living as one who has a redemptive story to tell. You're THAT important to God's Kingdom story. Have a brave day." Feel free to search for her on FB and subscribe too. Peace

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