• CheryLynn Ferrari

Cooking with Gas

Today in Chapala: 84 degrees high, partly cloudy, and 60% humidity. I can like this. Right now at 6:30am it's still dark, in the low 60s, and so refreshing! As I sit here with my coffee at my dining table in my dining chair (that will always make me think of my friend Laura) feeling like I'm actually putting together a livable space. Woo Hoo! Today I donate some doggie things to the rescue in the tiny town next to mine. Food and chewies, leashes and collar, harness, toys. The rescued strays will benefit, there are so many. (Well, thinking about that just bought a big wave of tears for my baby that is gone.)

8:30am - We're getting a good hard soaking rain here in San Nicolas. Most of my windows have overhangs and can stay open but actually had to close one. Love the rain.

10am - Your laugh and my atta girl for the day. I bought a little cooking pot yesterday and today I used the gas stove for the very first time in my life! I now have boiled eggs.

Pretty cool how it is immediately hot when on and immediately the boil stops when off. I will get used to this. The burning smell reminded me of the gas wall heater we had in Ft Lauderdale FL when I was 6. Another YAY ME moment! Have a blessed Saturday!

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