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Costco - Yep We Have 'Em!

Today was Costco day for me. I knew it would be a long day and I was right. Left the house in the rain at about 9am and met up with a new friend, Christine, 30 minutes later at Black Coffee, not only a good place to get coffee but a very popular landmark meet up place.

After picking up her housekeeper who was going with us, we headed off to Guadalajara. The easiest way to get there is to go west across the top of the lake to Jocotepec and then north through the mountains to Guad. With the traffic, the rain, the topes, and the distance, we got there about 11am.

It's a typical Costco store, maybe with a little different layout, slightly fewer selections, and signs in Spanish, but the employees were fantastic at interpreting what I was asking and directing me to the right aisle. I had quite a list of household items I was looking for and did manage to shrink that list, and my available cash, quite a bit.

Most items were equal to or less than the costs in Florida. In USD, my vac was $85, the micro was $100, the set of 3 fry pans about $23, the step stool about $20, and the dishes about $45. There were some smaller items too.

I still couldn't find the kind of bath bats I was looking for, Swiffers are hard to find, and no one here has ever heard of a cup tree for my coffee cups. Oh well, embrace the differences. I'm just thrilled to have added these new items to my home, especially so I can vac the floor now instead of using a broom!

When we were finished, we met at the front and checked out. I used Christine's membership for now because I wasn't sure, with the length of the trip and the numerous topes, if I would be making it on my own in the future. The regular membership cost is only $25 per year and you can use it in the US. I might just join in the near future, this remains to be seen. Didn't get any foodstuffs but I'm told the meat is very good. Being here by myself, buying in bulk doesn't make a lot of sense for just one person.

So, before leaving we had to stop for a Costco hotdog for lunch. Dog and a refillable drink - $1.50. That worked for me!

Back again through the mountains to lakeside and east to drop me off at my van. Just a minute on the road home and I spotted a new thrift store that had just opened. Of course I had to stop. Some interesting items in the way of furniture, but I don't want to buy anything else till after I've been to Tonala. I've heard so much about what's there and I'm eager to see so, I can wait.

There is plenty of time and, blissfully, I don't feel rushed about a single thing.

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