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Crossing the Border

Heading to Colombia bridge crossing this morning. Damn! The hotel room clock was set wrong and I'm an hour early! Still have to get gas and pesos. Really nervous about the crossing but I chose this one because so many recommended it as being really easy.

BTW, I'm doing OK this morning. Tears in waves are much further apart. Concentrating on heat wave out here and flooding back home. Be safe my wonderful family and friends!

More later.

I did it! Made it to Matehuala. The crossing went ok, took a bit longer than I thought. Then I had to go into Nuevo Laredo to get pesos. Finally on the road and hit a huge backup in traffic with road construction in the mountains just before Monterrey.

Missed a turn to bypass Monterrey and got caught in downtown traffic.

Damned near freaked myself out looking at the signs that tell you how much further you have to go. Thought I had miscalculated terribly and feared having to drive in the dark. Then I realized the signs are in km not miles and a km is only .6 of a mile. DEEP sigh of relief and then I laughed at myself.

Finally, Las Palmas hotel in Matehuala MX. A step back in time. Wonderful little bungalows, a staff member to take you to your lodging, help with luggage, and even set up your tv on an English station (you follow him in your car, he's on a bicycle). The dining room is quaintly elegant in formal 50-60s fashion. The service is superb. I had steak, veggies, beans and rice, guac, and some kind of a cheese tamale with a bottle of water. Tax, tip, total was under $14 USD. The grounds include a pool and a little gooney golf area, wide brick streets and lovely foliage. I think my room rate was around $50. Only negative, beds are very hard but it is a great oasis and I'll be back.

Sleep. I just need sleep.

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