• CheryLynn Ferrari

Day of the Hummingbird

There is a hummingbird feeder hanging from the roof of my mirador, it's empty. A little flitter just came by to check it out, and being disappointed, it left. Making Hummingbird syrup is now on my list of things to do. Last night the revelry in San Nicolas continued for their celebration of something significant for the little town. Several loud pops again and the usual concert singing. But at 12:30am it went crazy with explosions, fireworks, and chaos. The cats ran, wild eyed, under my bed where they stayed till dawn. Hope that was the grand finale. I slept till 7am! Morning again is a wonderful temp but this afternoon will be hot. The gas guys were here at 7:45 to put some in my tank, having been called by my wonderful home owners, so a warmer shower is the plan for this evening. My friend Bonnie knows how adverse to the cold water in the pool I was in our community so the cold water showers have been something I had to steel myself for, even though they were refreshing after hot days. I'll be visiting my friend Laura today to buy some furniture and household items. She's moving to the Yucatan, at least until she finds out that the heat and humidity will smother her. I'll miss her greatly but you can get a RT flight from Guadalajara to Merida for $49 USD, so we'll visit. Tripping to the bank today too. Tomorrow is rent day. Putting the USD amount into pesos always makes me panic. The thousands of pesos that my small rent translates into strikes fear into my budgeting heart. It will take time to get used to this conversion. And so, my second full day begins.......

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