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Domestic Help

You've heard me say that getting help in the house and garden are very affordable here. If you have a big place and you're a very busy person, I can certainly see the advantage of having someone in on a regular basis. My gardener buddy is coming every couple of weeks to weed for me but I haven't gotten anyone in to clean the house save for the initial cleaning when I first moved in.

I'm still in a kind of euphoric state, I guess. I get satisfaction out of doing for myself. Like today, you couldn't ask for a more glorious day. The sun is shining with delicious blue skies. The temp is high 70s, low humidity, and a breeze you could get lost in.

I'm doing some laundry and I hang it on the line on my back patio. Well, today I got some unexpected domestic help. My very talkative Ninja joined me and while I was hanging things, she proceeded to tell me how she loves the sun and wishes she could catch some of the birds that tantalize her out there. She's quite photogenic so we did a little photo shoot amidst the sheets.

In days to come, I may ask the owner of the house if I can paint a mural on the back and side walls and hang a hammock to make that patio even more enjoyable. It would be a great place for a little chiminea for cool evenings and a BBQ grill for when this place is bustling with people. But right now it's just me.

While the next load is washing and the sheets are billowing in the breeze, I enjoyed a bowl of my taste bud teasing chicken and rice soup. See the yellow? That is natural chicken fat from healthy free range chickens who get tossed home grown corn kernels to supplement their diet. It's nothing like the wimpy pale yellow of the bullion I used to use in FL.

Amazingly, even though I have not been consciously reducing or eliminating anything from my menu, I noticed the other day that my jeans are longer. That only happens for me when they get looser. I can now slide them on and off without the button and zipper. Before I got here, I was told by many that the food alone, being without the numerous chemicals pumped into and onto it, will make a difference in your weight and health. I am walking a bit more, and now I do go up and down the stairs at least 10 times a day, but I've not added any formal exercise to my days. I guess the food must be making a difference.

Hmmmm. I do have that room upstairs which would be the perfect place for a stationary bike and a yoga mat with a CD player to carry me away with good tunes while I pedal. I kind of like that idea!

Blessings and happy Sunday to all - peace!

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