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Double Your Pleasure!

A surprise second trip to Tonala today! WOW! A friend had asked me if I wanted to go shopping in Guadalajara today but I had no idea our first stop would be Tonala on the craziest market day of the week! Thursday and Sunday are big market days where multitudes of busses come in from numerous distant locations bringing frenzied shoppers.

The parking is almost impossible. In addition to all of the regular stores and vendor booths, on these two days the main highway is lined with additional booths under tents on the sidewalks. I discovered places I hadn't seen on my first trip that were literally around the corner.

Today I was looking for a Talavera butter dish, SCORE! Price about $4.50 USD.

I was also looking for a Talavera pot for my indoor garden I've dubbed "The Grotto", SCORE! Price about $16 USD.

And I was looking for some interesting kind of multi purpose serving dish, SCORE! Price about $12 USD.

Twice to Tonala and twice I came home with treasures. I just love that place. After the pottery shop we wandered into an art gallery. My friend bought two paintings but I just browsed. I did love the bull though, size and colors are perfect for behind my couch on the wall.

These aren't prints but they're not exactly originals either. The method is to trace shapes on canvas that are already drawn and then hand paint them. You're still getting something hand painted but not an original design. For anyone who wants beautiful painted art and doesn't care if it's not a one-of-a-kind exactly, you can't beat the prices. This bull is 3'x5' plus the size of the frame. The price was just $250 USD.

I didn't bring any canvases with me that are that size but I decided I would paint my own version of it to see if I could make it work on something smaller. I have plenty of available space for paintings of all sizes.

Second stop was a mall. Don't ask me where or how we got there. I was totally confused with all of the road changes, and construction, and "returnos" where you make U turns.

First, we had a nice lunch and then went "looking".

It was a mall just like any you'd find in the US with two floors, a food court, lots of high price stores, and a Bed Bath and Beyond. The prices were as high or higher than in the US but the store was packed with Mexican Nationals shopping and spending like crazy. Don't let anyone tell you that all Mexicans are poor, not at all! In fact, it reminds me more and more of the US. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

An anchor store on one end of the mall was a high end grocery or specialty store. Sure they had very fancy grocery isles and produce and meats and seafoods....... but with fancy suited security guards posted throughout to make sure you didn't get sticky fingers.

They also had a kind of restaurant area in the deli section that looked like an expensive dining place with linen napkins and glasses of wine. It was shaped like a circle bar with a huge fish tank in the middle. They served lovely plates of cooked meals as if you were sitting at Chuck's Seafood on the inlet in Ft Pierce, FL. I noticed a similar eat at circle bar in the deserts and bakery area. Had we not already had lunch, it would have been difficult to resist.

The store also featured a massive section of liquors and wines and stemware that could match the finest specialty shop in any major US city. Good thing I don't drink. No temptation at all.

We called it a day after all of that and got home about 5:30pm - long day. Like I said before, there are surprises around every corner and every day is a new adventure. Peace and blessings to you as you begin a new week of your life.

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