• CheryLynn Ferrari

EnArt in Tlaquepaque

Yes, I did promise you an accounting of my trip to the EnArt in Tlaquepaque. I did my broken pinkie toe no favor, that's for sure! We met at 9:30 and the bus took off at 10am. Good bus ride, met a handful of people, 45 riders in all. Got to the drop off point and the guide led us on foot about 5 blocks to the entrance of EnArt. Cost was 60 pesos to enter ($3). We walked into a room similar to any art/craft expo in the US which we proceeded to meander. Then we discovered halls leading off of that room into other rooms and more rooms after that and courtyards and more hallways and more rooms. The booths were numbered and those numbers went into the 500s! My main goal was to get to booth #119, the Oaxacan family who has been doing business with many of the people I know lakeside. This is a wonderful family and very deserving of our business so we all keep referring others to them - AND they had the best prices too! I was on a mission for hand loomed bedspreads. I wanted 3 queens and a single, I had no idea what I was in for. In other Oaxacan shops, the price of a queen was 1200 pesos. In this one, the price was 900 pesos. The variety of colors and patterns was enough to make you dizzy. I hadn't seen any of these in person so I didn't know what to expect of the fabric. They are sturdy and substantial. When she put all 4 spreads into my huge Sam's thermal bag, they totally filled the bag and must have weighed 100+ pounds. THEN, I had to carry them around! Fortunately, I met up with about 7 other women, a couple of whom were dears and helped me to carry the bag, and we went straight to lunch. After that, we muled my bag and all of the things the other ladies bought, to where the bus was going to pick us up and I benched myself till boarding time. Today, this toe is giving me hell for being so inconsiderate. The amount of gorgeous things available at this event was mind boggling. It's a good thing I'm on a budget and try to stick to my policy of getting what i need before what I just want for pretty's sake. The town wasn't so impressive as a place to shop without the special event. I'll take Tonala anytime over Tlaquepaque. Blessings and peace!

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