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Feeding Little Flitters

First thing this morning I took down the dirty and empty hummingbird feeders. Yuck! Washed them good and prepared the sugar water, then filled them and hung them on the mirador. Didn't expect anything instant, they have to come by and find that the feeders actually contain something again. It will take time.

Went downstairs, finished a painting (#2 Bird of Paradise) and worked on another that just isn't making me happy. Usually when this happens I have to sit the stinker aside for a while and then one day I look at it and say, "Yep, now I know what's wrong with this" and I can finish it. Sometimes they never get finished and I may just paint over them.

When I'm painting I get really absorbed and lose track of time. When I came up for air it was already 1:30 so I threw together some lunch and came upstairs to check FB for messages.

Son of a gun - the little flitters are sitting on the ring and drinking from the large feeder!! So awesome!!! I hope to be fast enough to capture some photos of them soon. We'll see. Would love to paint them too. I have time to wait for them, I'm retired.

Skies are blue with wispy white clouds. The forecast is for late afternoon and evening showers. This is the rainy season. But the temp is about 80 with humidity in the mid 60s. Windows and screen doors letting in the wonderful breezes - ahhhh!

Going to town tomorrow. That always means another surprise; maybe a new place for lunch, maybe a treasure I find at a consignment store, who knows. Think I'll make it a point to find a paint store and buy some wild colors so I can start working on doing delightful things to a few pieces of furniture.

Have a wonderful "longest day of the year" and make it a good one.

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