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Furniture Arrives

Early -

Getting a good soaking rain this morning which I didn't see on the forecast. Oh the mountains are getting greener and greener!!!! My living room furniture comes today - YAY!!!! The wonderful owners of my home, Maria and Alberto, are going to pick it up for me. Should be here before noon. Doing my happy dance in the empty living room. I've destroyed my fingernails again. Guess I've been feeling more anxiety than I realized about putting things together and getting over the not so good things which have happened during the past 3 weeks. This too shall pass. The pilot light went out for the water heater. Maria got it going the first week I was here but I didn't see how she did it. Will ask her today to show me so I can do it myself. This could get annoying. My friend Bonnie called me yesterday on my newly connected landline. Good to know I now have that in case of an emergency and if my cell isn't getting any bars. Bought about a liter of linseed oil yesterday at the hardware store. The local artists use this kind all of the time so I guess it doesn't have to come from Blick to be ok, and it cost me the equivalent of $6 USD. It was more than that for a few oz. from an art supply store in FL. I have my painting shirt on today. As soon as it gets light out I'm ready to start my first painting in Mexico!!! Woo Hoo!!! Thinking I'll do some of the interesting doors and windows I've seen with the beautiful flowering foliage that makes this area so gloriously colorful. Moving on from there, I'll just HAVE to do some paintings of the gorgeous dresses these wonderful Mexican dancers wear during their celebrations. And then some bull ring action....so much to see, so much to paint! For now, one day at a time.

Noon - IT'S HERE!!!! I sat on it and put my feet on the coffee table, yep, this works! Still need a wall unit, a couple of smaller end tables, a reading lamp, and a sofa table. Anyone need some packing material???

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