• CheryLynn Ferrari

Getting Organized

Chatting with Maria, owner of my rental, yesterday and asked her how the winters are

here in San Nicolas. She said "cold"! So I asked about what temp is cold? Now, Maria is a US citizen and her children live in California but she has lived here and Calif. back and forth for 20 years so she also uses fahrenheit for temps. She said "60" during the day.

I clarified that she meant in 60 degrees fahrenheit and she verified with her husband in Spanish and they both agreed. WOW! So, I'm looking forward to sweater weather in a few months as it begins to cool off from this 6-8 week hot summer weather. Loving the experience!

My morning project. I put together the cat tower and Ninja has claimed it first. I think they're both happy to have a piece of home here.

Also got one side of this gargantuan kitchen cleaned and organized! YAY me!

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