• CheryLynn Ferrari

Going On

I started calling early in the morning (holiday weekend and Sunday) with my baby's body lying at my feet. It took until noon before I could get someone to come out to pick her up to take her to a crematorium. Then after sobbing all morning, the cats and I crawled into the van and carried on.

If there is anything this has taught me, it is that hotels which are pet friendly need to have a list of pet emergency numbers on hand that are even good on weekends and holidays. The ladies here have been wonderful but mostly clueless. Also that every city needs an organization for emergency pet transport at a low cost. I've spent hours trying to reach help to pick up my furbaby. SPCA will do free cremation but cannot pick up. Most crematories want over $400. The one I found charged $220 and I had no other choice. The city said to put her on the curb and they'd pick her up in 3 days. Not only is that heartless, its supposed to run 100 degrees here all week. We passed through that hell with battle scars. I hate Mobile, I hate Houston, I hate Texas. The only saving grace between Houston and Laredo was the wild sunflowers. I will forever remember my baby Joy when I see sunflowers.

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