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Happy Father's Day

An overcast and breezy morning here on the north side of Lake Chapala. Seems like a great day for a lap throw and some good movies. Started the day with coffee about 6am and now enjoying a berry breakfast smoothie with fresh local berries and yogurt. Started back on my vitamins yesterday. Had been operating on adrenalyn for weeks and it's definitely worn off. Time to build up that energy again. My brain is going wild with ideas to paint furniture in wonderful Mexican colors and to make the walls pop with color too. Perused Pinterest for a while yesterday but it just makes me frustrated with impatience. I HAVE to make myself slow down and do only one or two projects at a time. My natural instinct is to start at least 10 projects but that always leads to things not getting finished. Tempering my enthusiasm = difficult. Finished organizing the kitchen yesterday and am in the process of making lists of things I still need for the house. Again, my enthusiasm must be reined in. I have lots of time to add things, just a little at a time. Learning to do the Mexican "chill" but it will take me awhile to get good at it. For those of you who are fathers, stepfathers, surrogate fathers, and mother's who have to also be fathers - Happy Fathers Day! To my son: these days pass too quickly. Please enjoy the time with Lo as much as you can. You'll be happy you did in years to come. To my daughter: being mom and dad to your kids is a tough row to hoe but you have the strength and support from friends to accomplish it.

Evening - Spent most of the day building my new blog and doing catch up from the beginning of the trip to Mexico. I'll finish getting up to date in the morning. Instead of posting on FB to just my small circle of friends, it's been repeatedly suggested that this blog be available to a far wider audience for entertainment and inspiration. Following your dream isn't a smooth road. But if you have stamina and support, you can do it!

And yet, she persisted!!!! Blessings to all and ....Peace

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