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Amazingly, it's already October 1st! Where has the time gone? I've been getting messages, wondering where my blogs are and telling me you miss reading them. Thank you so much for your support. I'm so sorry to have been remiss.

September was crazy. I went to Florida for a week. Then my son came back to MX with me for a week and we were so busy the whole time. It was really a wonderful visit and he didn't want to go back to Florida. My friend Bonnie arrived to stay with me the end of August and we had a lot to do getting her acclimated to her new surroundings. She just got her own apartment in Chapala and moved in a couple of days ago.

In addition to those good things, I've found myself wrapped up in the current US political circus again. I am a survivor. These things happening have dredged up a lot of muck I thought was gone but was actually just resting on the bottom of my river of life. My waters are very murky right now and I'm not quite sure when the sparkle meter will be back up to high and I can proceed with the happenings of my life here in blog form.

Don't get me wrong, I'm very happy here, nothing in that area has changed. My friends are incredible and have come to my emotional rescue in tremendous ways. They are my new family. If I had my kids and grands here too, I'd never need another thing in the US.

But, the bottom line is that in every life there are ups and downs. In mine, I shake off the downs as quickly as possible and move on because life has so very much to offer. So, I just ask your patience. I will be writing again soon. Hang in here with me and there will be many more adventures as well as catch up stories of things that took place in September.

Thank you again for following.

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