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What a difference a day makes. I got an email message from my Mexican attorney today telling me that the application for my Residente Temporal visa has been approved. Woo Hoo!!! I now need to meet with her assistant the beginning of the week at the immigration office to submit my teensy photos, once again present my passport for ID, and have my fingerprints done. Then in about 2 weeks I'll receive my official card. This is a milestone, folks, and I am excited.

Today was a 'do stuff at the house' day so I painted chairs and called and ordered a propane delivery (they were here in an hour). I have now been able to figure that I spent

about $35 for gas for my first month here. Electricity gets paid every 2 months and I'm expecting about $20 per month to be what mine comes to. Will let you know the beginning of August.

The gardener got the call I requested from the owners and he arrived this afternoon. Did a great job removing the weeds and planting the 9 plants I'd bought over the past week or so. It looks so nice out front.

Short post today because tomorrow will be a big one to tell you about my shopping day in Guad!


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