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I've Been Framed!

An artist needs to have some good contacts and I made one this week. Some friends directed me to a framer in town. I need the services of one now for the painting I recently bought as it was shipped to me rolled in a tube. It first needs to be stretched and then framed, and I was dreading the reveal of the cost because I know how expensive those things are in the states.

Another expat here also purchased some paintings from the same artist so I picked her up on the way and we went on this adventure together. The frame selection was perhaps 1/2 to 1/3 of what one would find in a typical shop in Florida but it was quite sufficient. Carrie went first, her painting being a bit smaller than mine and I was still in the choosing process.

When the owner/framer did the measurements on her painting and started punching buttons on his calculator, I unconsciously began to cringe. He gave her a price in pesos and I wasn't sure I heard him right but Carrie was happy and they made the deal. I gave him a frame sample, after holding several to the painting and choosing this one as my favorite, and asked how much. He did his measuring and calculating and told me $600 pesos.

Now, I've gotten pretty fast at my peso to dollar mental conversion and so I repeated it back to him as a question; $600 pesos? He nodded. That is about $35 USD. I couldn't get this painting even stretched in Florida for $35! I quickly agreed and he said to give him 2 weeks since they were quite busy. No problemo!!!!

Carrie and I left as happy campers and proceeded to have lunch around the corner at a place called Chopsticks. With that name it would commonly be assumed they served Chinese but I had purchased my 6 dining room chairs from them so I knew they served Vietnamese dishes. In perusing the short menu options I spied something I hadn't seen but had searched for since 1998, fresh shrimp spring rolls with peanut sauce. I confirmed with the waiter what they were and was thrilled.

About 10 minutes later my plate of two good sized rolls with the mouth watering bowl of peanut sauce was placed in front of me. They were delicious! I now have a go to place for these little delicacies and another FB friend has told me they can be found at yet another lakeside restaurant! Oh, and the cost - $3 USD.

Surprises and blessings around every corner!

Today I'm picking up Janice and we're going to the American Legion for the Tuesday Steak Day special. A good steak, potato, and salad for about $7 USD. Who can complain? Some of the lakeside ladies have told me that if you go early, they play a domino game called Mexican Train on Tuesdays as well. I watched a video on how it's played and I think I could handle that. Another social event to add to my calendar. I've become more social here that I've been anywhere at anytime in my life. Life is good!

Wednesday I go with my neighbors, Diann and her husband Dave, to Tonala. I am really looking forward to the experience and will share my adventure and pics in another blog post.

Have a great day and peace!

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