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It Just Keeps Getting Better

I met Lulu and her husband last weekend at a yard sale. They live about 3 blocks from me and their relatives abound in the village of San Nicolas. Today, my friend Janice surprised me by arriving at the American Legion for lunch with Lulu. They met through FB. I was already there playing Mexican Train for my first time.

We got to know a lot about each other over our lunch chat and I ended up taking Lulu home since our homes are so close in proximity. She was going to show me some work they had done by a local carpenter since I need some bookshelves built. As luck would have it, she didn't have her house keys in her purse so she called her husband who was just down the highway at their property. She asked if I'd like to see it and, of course, I was thrilled. On the way, she showed me where the village grocery is, just across the street from her, and introduced me to the owners. She showed me where the hardware/paint store is in the village. She pointed out homes of many of her relatives, and some others who she'll introduce later. And apparently we also have a meat shop? I'll have to visit that sometime soon to see what they offer. I'm more amazed everyday at what a gem San Nicolas is.

We drove the equivalent of a city block down the carretera and turned toward the lake on a dirt tire path. Just a tiny bit in was the area to park and a chained gate. I could already see what was on the other side and I was in love. Deep into the pasture there were three beautiful mares, obviously pregnant, and their three recent foals peacefully grazing. Those babies were probably a few months old and all of them were just gorgeous. (Photo from internet - not their horses)

For those of you who haven't known me for a long time, I've had a lifetime love affair with horses so this was like heaven for me. We walked into the field, the aroma of growing things and living things all around us and the sun shining in a cornflower blue sky. The breeze off of the lake gave us temps in the mid 70s. A field of corn next to the pasture was about 4 feet high. When it's my time to go to my maker, He will have a place like this waiting for me.

Lulu's husband approached from the far tree line, we chatted, and then we followed him back to their house. I did get to see the beautiful woodwork the carpenter did for them and will probably hire him to make my bookshelves. They also have a relative who does welding who will make me a couple of shepherd's hooks for my front garden.

All in all, I believe that Lulu is a new treasure in my life. They are such lovely people, as is typical for this part of the world.

Blessings continue to rain down on me daily and I couldn't be more grateful. The road here, to this place and time, was often difficult and I've gone through much strife and heartbreak in my lifetime, but it all pales in the face of the blessings I've been given. Some days my heart is so full I think it will burst, or I wonder why I should be so favored. But then I remember that there will still be ups and downs ahead of me. I just know with every fiber of my being that I'm not facing anything alone.

Blessings and Peace.

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