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It's June!

Morning - Made some new friends yesterday and met some FB friends face to face. Everyone is so welcoming. I got the propane yesterday but can't figure how to turn on the hot water heater. I'll ask the owner today when I pay the June rent. Funny how things like that matter so little. The wind kicked up a lot last night but I don't know if we got rain. It's expected to start any day now which will drop the temps about 10 degrees during the hot part of the day. Still, having the floor fans has been just fine for me being used to the heat and humidity of FL. Going to deliver a mixer to a FB friend today that I muled down here for her. She moved to MX from Ecuador so this will be our first meeting in person. Then picking up another friend, Laura, and doing lunch and making some trips to thrift stores. I have so much to get to make this empty house a welcoming furnished home for my friends awaiting the green light to schedule visits! The kitties are adapting. They're so funny to watch as they continue to explore. I was on the mirador last evening and had left the screen door open. Next thing I knew Ninja was walking the enclosure wall and then jumped onto the neighbors roof!! I scolded her and she came back talking to me about how she was just getting to know the place, I'm sure. Now I know the door must always be closed for nosey cats. If they were to get down into a neighbor's yard or onto the street, they may be killed by dogs before they would know how to escape. Time, it's such an interesting thing. Completely man made for our own purposes. We're all time travelers, we simply need to cross into a new time zone. Here in Chapala we are only one hour behind FL but are directly below Calif. and TX which are 2-3 hours behind FL. Its the same time on the Caribbean coast of MX as it is on the Pacific coast yet it takes 2-3 days to drive from one side to the other. The sun was up at about 6am in Cancun and won't come up here till after 7. The great thing is that where I am in time, age, and attitude - it really doesn't matter. I eat when I'm hungry, sleep when I'm sleepy and everything else when I feel like it. Very little that we do here requires specific timing. Mañana doesn't even mean tomorrow. It actually means "at some time in the future". Takes a bit to get used to but I like it. Going into day 3. The sky is turning rosey and the birds are making a racket. I love looking out my bedroom window to see the lake and all the daily activities that take place around it. Evening - Went to check out every thrift store in Riberas today (and some new furniture stores too). It was exhausting! Saw some interesting items for the house but didn't purchase anything yet. Laura says we have 2 more towns of thrift stores to do soon. OMG!!! Who would have ever thought there would be so many. The owner is coming tomorrow morning to do repairs. After that I think I'll make one quick run into the closest Ferretera (like an Ace Hardware) to get the tool I need to reconstruct my cat's condo. That and some laundry and maybe a cool bath is about all I can think of for an exertion level not to exceed a low 3. Time to kick back just a bit and let me catch up with me. Still waiting for the promised rain. Tomorrow is forecast at 50% chance. Thank goodness my downstairs is relatively cool with the fan on. The humidity today was an unusual 89% which is what slays me, that's one of the three Hs I came here to escape! Heat, Humidity, and Hurricanes. On a really fun note, this morning when I was leaving for town I saw a woman doing stretches and she was in exercise gear so I took a chance. I greeted her and asked if she was starting an aerobics class. She laughed and said she just liked to walk and stretch every morning and invited me to join her. She is Mexican and she also wants to introduce me to another gringo woman who lives here just a couple streets away. I was so excited to meet Rosa Anna! Then I met my next door neighbor and his sister. They are cousins of the owner and told me to just knock on the door anytime I needed any assistance. They were just lovely! I feel so blessed and welcomed to be in this little town.


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