• CheryLynn Ferrari

Just Hangin'

Today in my part of the world... High of 79 degrees with possible early morning showers. It's about 62 now, humidity also in the 60s, and I had to get a lap throw because my legs were chilly. This morning I will organize my actual paints and solvents and brushes to prepare for the painting to begin. Yes, after months of no creativity my muse is awakening. One thing that happened yesterday, when donating the doggie supplies I was told that when I'm ready I should get a black dog. It seems that those who would feel the need to relieve you of your belongings are more frightened of black dogs. I found that interesting and will keep it in mind. Oh, and for any of my friends who may be thinking of moving here, the selection of colors and textures in bath towels, bath rugs, and kitchen mats is dismal. You may want to bring those things. I'll let you know what else I run into.

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