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Lakeside is Lovely

Today.... cleaned up folded and stacked all of the material that my furniture was wrapped in. Will take it to one of the local thrift stores to use when they sell things. Wrote a little piece for a friend who works with a travel magazine about my decision to move to Mexico and the actual trip experiences. Who knows, maybe it will get used and encourage others to step out in bravery and faith and achieve their own dreams!! Spent some time on day 2 of my first oil painting in Mexico. No peeks. You'll get to see it when it's done. Actually planned it for MY home but, if someone just HAS to have it..... Going out this afternoon to revisit some of the places that sell used furniture, just in case something new came in that is calling me. Then drinks and dinner at a going away get together for my very dear friend Laura who leaves Saturday morning for the Yucatan where she will be renting a beautiful and historic home outside of Merida. Visits will be happening in the not too distant future. Days here get filled in the best ways. Sometimes it's spending time with friends. Sometimes it's sitting with my kitties and reading, writing, or painting. Sometimes it's calling "home" and talking with family. Soon, very soon,I will be ready for company and I hope to see some of you knocking on my front door.

4pm - meeting friends at a lakeside hotel for good-bye drinks in honor of Laura. This is such an idyllic spot! They serve meals for the public as well as guests and the lake views are to die for!

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