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Let The Visitors Come!

I'm told by many that this is the best time of the year. With the rains, although not as much this year as in previous years, the terrain has become lush green. The crops are growing like crazy, the trees are flowering prolifically, the plants are blooming in most gorgeous colors. And the temps are so refreshingly cool in the mornings and warm in the afternoons.

Just a short couple of weeks from now and we'll be entering the fall season. The visual transition is practically transparent, as was in Florida where I came from. Our fall colors are the rich and intense reds, oranges, and yellows of the year round tropical foliage in full life, not the precursor to death as in deciduous plant life. Although, as the rains decrease and autumn becomes winter, the groundcover will become more brown and the overall look will be more desertlike.

August is also the calm before the storm of returning snowbirds and holiday festivals. I have finally gotten enough furniture (though I'm still looking for the finishing pieces needed) to welcome guests into my home. In just about 12 days I will open my door to my good artist friend, Bonnie, who is coming to lakeside to live. I look forward to her presence here and am so excited about being able to show her around and introduce her to my new friends.

When I return from a brief visit to Florida in September, my son Dan will be with me to enjoy a week here. Later, in the September/October time frame, I expect to see Charlene, Katrina, and TJ pop in for a look around on their own scouting missions. Point being, I would love to have you come visit but space is limited and you have to book your stay in advance. This place is just too good to miss - so don't!

Besides the beautiful vistas, there are so many things to enjoy. Every visit will have to include a lakeside drive, all the way to Joco on the west. The Chapala malecon, my favorite, and meandering through La Christiana park are absolute musts. Every little town has it's own central area which has a church and a square for public gatherings, festivities, and vendors. There is a plethora of shops and mercados to browse, an endless number of delectable restaurants, and street side vendors offering everything under the sun. You can go for a boat ride on the lake, horseback through town or go on a mountain trail, or even pre plan your stay to take a side trip to Guadalajara, San Miguel de Allende, Copper Canyon, the opal mines and the town of Tequila, or a few days venturing out to see the Monarch butterflies in their winter forests. Almost every week will bring some kind of celebration with dancing and parades.

I'll be researching the festivities to come and offering an event calendar in an upcoming blog post so you can consider them in making your plans for Mexico. And there will be days when you just want to sit and read on the upper terraza that overlooks the lake or wander our little village of San Nicolas.

Come visit Mexico this year and find out what it's like on the good side of the wall. Send me an email at tropicartist@gmail.com to reserve a date.

Blessings and peace for your upcoming weekend.

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