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A Week in the Life

I thought I'd do a post of highlights for the past week + since I've been so busy. Today I'm going to Tlaquepaque (soft T - lock eh pahk eh) on a bus with many other lakeside residents. There is an annual art/craft show and sale there and a bus trip for about $18 US is the easiest way to do it. That will be my post for tomorrow so don't miss it! I joined an art group and met many other lakeside artists at the "get to know you" party. The next art exhibit show coming up is in October. Each artist can enter only two pieces and the theme is Light and Dark. I have one piece I brought with me that will work, and the other is a piece I'm working on now of a Mexican cenote. I'll explain and show you in a future blog the finished painting. Some girlfriends and I went to the old rock music night last week and found out that on Wednesday evenings there is live country music. So, the following Wednesday (two days ago) we tried it out too. Eh, one man band and mostly the very old twangy country. Probably won't do Wednesday nights anymore.

I met with a volunteer from a local dog rescue to discuss some volunteer work I can do with photography. Their regular photographer is tied up with the recent illness and passing of her husband so my time will be to fill in till she can resume her place, if she's still interested. Even here is this paradise, illnesses and death take their toll. I'll be doing close up photos of the pups for their FB page to give viewers a heart string reason to come to the shelter for adoption.

The framing of the painting I bought was finished so I went to pick it up and it now hangs in my living room above my couch. Princesa Maya is home. I love the color she adds to the space but I still need more! I also bought some beaded hummingbirds from the same artist which should arrive any day now. The framer did a great job and as soon as the door I painted is dry, it will go to him for framing as well. My friend, Janice, made a comment on the door painting which I have adopted as it's name....Behold, I stand at the door and knock....Perfect!

My friend Lulu has a carpenter who has built lovely wood furniture for her. I drew out some pieces I need with measurements for him but the prices were a bit more than I wanted to pay right now. At this point I need more functional quantity than quality. If, when my year 1 is complete, I decide to stay in MX, then I will replace the cheaper stuff with more quality furniture. She also has a welder whom I need to talk to for a couple of shepherds hooks for my garden to add sweet feeders for the hummers. I love looking out the front windows to see them flitting around the two huge bird of paradise plants but I want more! My auto insurance company for the US, Progressive, has caused me much grief this week. Before I came to MX, I talked with them about how to handle the coverage without dropping the policy while the van is out of country. On two different occasions the reps told me to drop the coverage to PIP only and then to restore benefits when I drive back in. I called to find out why my refund for lowering the coverage was so little and they ended up telling me they were going to drop my policy in October because the van wasn't in the state of Florida for most of the year. Oh yes, we went round and round and the rep lied to me again saying it was a Florida statute. I checked with the DOT and found it wasn't. Then on another call to the company they recanted and said it was a Progressive rule. So, I will find another company to cover the van till I sell it. I just wanted to delay that sell decision till spring when I make my decision about continuing to live in MX. A few hours of frustration with them and then I returned to enjoy my lovely place here which put my sparkle meter back on high. No problemo!

Yesterday from 2-4pm, we had a small gathering of expats who live in the little villages east of Chapala. I met some lovely people and got to see some I already knew. We decided to have another gathering soon since there were several who couldn't attend. The restaurant at the corner, Vista del Lago, put out a lovely food table and drinks were at the cash bar. I did enjoy another huge pina colada for about $2.50 USD. In addition to just enjoying good chat, we decided to create a FB group for us to use as a social awareness, posting news, events, celebrations, holidays coming up, etc. We're also sharing contact info so we can check on each other, especially those of us who are living alone. All will be welcome in the group, expats and locals alike, because we want to blend into the environment as best we can. After all, we expats are guests here and should add to the community, not detract from it. I put the group in motion last night and am excited about the future benefits for all of us. One woman has been here in San Nicolas for over 25 years and she lives only a few blocks from me. Just knowing there are so many resources here solidifies my feelings of 'family' even more.

So, that's it. You're now caught up to today and it's time for me to get ready for my next adventure.

Blessings and peace for your Friday and weekend ahead.

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