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Love My Lamps!

Early morning burst of energy. Starting to organize the art stuff. I still have 3 more bins to unpack. Think I need more shelves!

A good day - again. A short visit to my Mexican GP to take care of some business this morning. My immune system is weak so she banned me from any more air travel for 2-3 months. I'm about 95% over the bug I caught in Italy. I asked Dra. Jessica Flores if I had any medical emergency am I within her area of home visits and she assured me I am. Can you believe that the wonderful doctors here actually come to your home when you're too sick to go to them?! Went to a couple of thrift stores and scored these lamps

and then had lunch with my friend Laura. She's in a tizzy of packing to move shortly, to the Yucatan. Remaining time is special. Met a few more people today who were so kind in sharing their experiences and encouraging me. As I related that an occasional wave of anxiety will hit me, I am assured it is the same for most everyone coming here new, and it passes. Everyone shares phone numbers and FB contacts so we can keep in touch, we're never really alone. Excited about going furniture shopping with the owners of my home tomorrow. I promise to take photos so you all can drool some more! Then tomorrow afternoon my filtered water system is being installed. YAY! I won't have to buy water bottles any more! The drinking water will cost me about $12.50 USD per month. I don't pay anything for the general use water or for sewer. Wish it was this inexpensive in FL! Settling in for a relaxing evening of reading till I fall asleep. Looking out my bedroom window at the glassy lake and the mountains beyond. Peace!

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