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Mexican Train

That doesn't mean I went for a train ride. I watched and learned yesterday how to play the domino game of Mexican Train. It was totally new to me until I was invited to play and then watched a video yesterday. I chose to sit out and observe as I learned the plays and moves but it was fun so I'm putting it on my calendar for Tuesday mornings as often as I can be there.

And another advantage to that social commitment is the American Legion Tuesday Steak Day. I was there for that yesterday and I mean to tell you, it was good! They call the steak a fillet because it is so thick but it's also easily the size of 2 filets you'd get at a restaurant in FL. I was concerned that it might be tough because it didn't look like a filet I'd seen in the US. My usual order is medium rare and I stuck with that. It came with a nice salad and a loaded baked potato.

My first cut into the steak and the serrated knife slid through easily. A good sign. The interior was just as I had requested, a true medium rare. And my first bite, wow, good beef! I am a proud carnivore and this was good stuff. The price, $130 pesos, about $7 USD. And everyone is welcome at the American Legion, you don't have to be a member. I'm hooked.

As I was finishing, a man walked around the tables carrying a backpack. Most everyone there who was a frequent visitor (there were others eating and a group of men playing some kind of card game) knew this man. Now I do too. I'll call him the chocolate man for my own memory purposes. He is from Belgium, has been lakeside for about 10 years selling his chocolates, and makes everything himself using chocolate from his home country. I bought some of course; a dark chocolate bar with real orange (not just a flavoring) infusion, and milk chocolate tiny cups with a coffee liquor in the middle. To die for! Now I know where to get really good chocolate too.

So, score on the steak, score on the chocolate, what else could I possibly ask from this glorious day? How about a trip to the cremeria for their newest offering of bagels? Yep, that was my next stop. Although the bagels weren't fresh from the wherever they get cooked, they had been cooked early that morning. I squeezed the package of 3 just a bit and they were soft in the middle which I love. The cremeria also makes a few flavors of cream cheese and the cinnamon was calling my name. Sadly, they were out of my favorite fresh plain yogurt so I'll have to go back later this week.

Didn't have more time for shopping and I still needed a few veggies but I had a date with the owner of my home to pay the rent for August at 3pm so I rushed home. When Maria came over to collect her pesos, she again told me she loves what I'm doing with the house; the furniture, the indoor garden, the flowers outside. I told her I was making it my home, I wasn't going anywhere. She put her hands together, looked up, and said, "I am so happy, thank you." I just love her!

Well, today is the day for Tonala! Who knows what interesting stories I'll have for tomorrow?


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