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Mother Hubbard

Yes, my cupboards were bare so I had to make a trip to the grocery in Chapala. Still getting used to the different set ups and brands and abundance of things I have no clue about and the absence of some of my fav things. Ahhhh, remember to embrace the differences. I've taken to asking women with children which are the best things to buy and letting the kids pick. They love it and think I'm a riot!

Driving to and from town is always a delight for me. Those short 4 miles are so interesting and no two days are alike. Today I'd gone about 1/2 mile and had to stop. A herd of range cattle decided to cross the road right smack in front of me and at their own sweet pace. That was ok, I loved seeing them meander along until the last cow and calf were safely across. Why did the cow cross the road.....the grass is always greener ;)

Next surprise was a large flock of white pelicans soaring across the clear blue sky in a beautiful formation. Around, then dipping and up again, before they circled enough to come in for a landing on the lake. They are amazing!

Passed a cowboy riding his horse along the highway. Then got to the topes, two speed bumps in front of the 2 streets that take you into the little village of Santa Cruz. In Mexico the speed signs and stop signs are suggestions if they are even there. But the speed bumps - you'd better memorize where they are and still have an eagle eye watching for them or your vehicle will pay a dear price.

Then my favorite mule who is always tied up in the same area so he can graze. The owners here tie the horses, donkeys, and mules out near the roads so they get free grazing and then the weeds get taken care of and "mowed" with no cost to the towns. On the way here I saw it all through Mexico. There were even areas where the cows and goats and sheep were herded along the highways for that purpose. Thats one reason why we're told NOT to drive after dark and to be extra careful in daylight. I saw last week where someone had hit and killed a horse. Those beautiful creatures will kill you faster than a deer!

I'm sitting upstairs next to the door to the mirador. The door is open and the screen door is letting in such a beautiful breeze off the lake. I've set up a little office area up here. Now I have a place to write my blog, do my FB thing, and work on my book, if I don't get distracted by the gorgeous lake view just inches to my left.

Tonight I'm hopping over to a neighbor's house to see a couch she's selling, possibly for the upstairs family room where the TV is sitting.

Oh! There goes a hummingbird looking for the sweetwater I forgot to fix. Time to run, things to do. Making spaghetti for dinner!

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