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Mums the Word for Today

What a good day it turned out to be.

I must admit, I was really weepy this morning. With yet another shooting, this time targeting journalists, and then finding out one who was killed was the younger brother of a classmate of mine in high school. Seeing the continuing downward spiral of the US in so many categories just crushes my heart.

Yesterday I spent the entire day reading a book written by my friend Janice. I'm going to recommend it to all of you because she has had such an interesting and amazing life and this segment of it was a page turner. The title is The Secret Wife: Memoirs of an American Missionary in India and Nepal by Janice Campbell Paul. You can find it on Amazon as a Kindle version or a soft back book. It was so well worth the day spent sharing her travels and missions and she will use part of the proceeds to further her missions here in Mexico.

I had to go to town today to get a cash withdrawal to pay for my rent and some furniture purchases. You don't wait till the weekend here to get cash because that's when the working people get it for their party time. Literally, the ATMs go empty! This is primarily a cash economy so no pesos, no party!

As I was leaving the gate, I had the opportunity to meet my "across the street" neighbors. Dwayne is a missionary from the US and his three kids are homeschooled. They've lived here for 3.5 years and he told me I made a great choice in coming to San Nicolas, they love it! It's so nice to meet more people who live around me.

I had to stop at my favorite consignment store and found a neat buffet for the dining room. I'll have the mover pick it up on Tuesday when he's getting another queen sized bed and dresser for me from another location. The house is really getting close to the "I'm ready for you" stage. Start planning your vacations! Andrea, who works at the consignment store and lives out here in the country near me, told me that the little restaurant right up at the highway (literally one house from me and I see it from my mirador) has great food at really good prices. Guess I know where my meals will be coming from a couple of times a week!

While in town I had a lunch date with my friend who took me to Costco last Wednesday. We ate at a nice restaurant called Roberto's that had much more than Mexican food on the menu. I chose an Indian Curry dish, quite good, but the location is too far for me to go there on a regular basis. My lunch cost $5 for a 3 part meal and an appetizer.

While at the restaurant we met a man who had a furniture business next door so I stopped there on my way out. He had a few neat items but probably not anything I'll go back for. But he was an interesting guy, name was Martin, and I swear he reminded me of Martin Short!

On my way home through Chapala I usually traverse this one street with a kazillion topes so you have to go slow. There are often the same vendors on the sides of the road and it's all becoming a familiar scene to me. Familiar makes me comfortable. One little old man in a truck sells potted plants and I keep telling myself I'm going to buy some for the front garden. Today I stopped. He didn't have the roses I was looking for but he had some lovely mums, and only one bougainvillea which the lady ahead of me bought. I asked him how much and he replied 30 pesos. That's $1.50 US. I picked out 3 and gave him 100 pesos. He reached to his pocket to give me change and I told him to keep it. The smile on his face was enough to make my day. He was so appreciative of such a little thing, that's how people here are all the time. He patted my arm and told me to come back on Monday, he would have roses.

I wish all of you could have a respite from the constant strife that would be filled with these sincere gratitudes. How it heals the heart to feel the joy exuded by the people I meet here on a regular basis. They have no agenda other than filling basic needs and enjoying the fruits of their labors with their families.

It is a simpler place with a simpler concept of time and values.

And the meek shall inherit the earth.

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