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My Muse and Me

Yes, a mundane day it was as I didn't leave the house at all. Why should I? I have a great view, a peaceful location and food in the kitchen.

Laundry, 3 loads hung on the line. I know it sounds silly but I really love doing that! Cleaning a bit here and a bit there. But my highlight today - painting!

My Birds of Paradise are so beautiful and abundant, they inspired me to do a small painting and then begin yet another. The colors are just so vivid and the tropical nature ties me to home in Florida.

Sitting down at the easel, how do I describe the feeling? I look at a white canvas, tape up a photo or 3 as reference material, and squeeze out several colors of paint onto the palette. Choose a brush, dip into a little linseed oil, and start blending colors till I get what my muse says is just right. Blending, applying strokes, changing brushes for the need, and before my eyes an image appears. A colorful painting fills the canvas and I am in awe that it came from my hands and my head.

I didn't start painting seriously until about 7+ years ago. I was 58-ish. I never knew I could paint canvases but I had always had a creative flair for various other things. During the course of the past several years I've painted and sold and accumulated collectors of my work in 6 countries. Who would have ever thought?

My point here is to let you know that I found something I was good at and loved to do in my almost retirement years that will carry me through with great satisfaction to the day I can no longer hold a brush. And I want to encourage you, no matter your age, to discover what you love to do. It makes all the difference in the world. The difference between enjoying the hell out of the final third of your life and just sitting in front of the TV, living vicariously through soap opera characters.

So today you get a photo of my bird painting and one of a few items that have special meaning to me. A bottle of wine - from Mexico and given to be by the owners of my new home as a wonderful gesture of friendship. The cork in the bottle which is a memento from my trip to Italy. And the onyx glass filled with wine which was a purchase in a set of 6 from a trip to New Orleans.

Travel has also been a favorite activity in my retirement years. Seeing foreign places, learning about the cultures, and meeting wonderful people. That's what brought me to Mexico for a visit and here I am! Be open to new experiences and new adventures. The world is a big place with glorious sights and incredible people. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in the nastiness that slams us in the face, we forget about the magic and wonders waiting just beyond our view.

You have just been sprinkled with invisible magic passion dust. Go forth and become!

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