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Naps - Because I Can

Early - Another spectacular morning, birds singing and coffee cup in hand. It did rain lightly for a short time yesterday evening while we were having our "goodbye to Laura" party. Since we were under the sheltering roof of the hotel it was just pretty seeing it falling while the sun was still out making the drops look like precious gems. I awoke to the absence of electricity at 4:30 so I just went back to sleep. At 6am I got up with my flashlight and as soon as I took a few steps the hall light came back on. YAY!!! Great timing, my electric employee friends! I'm told they are usually pretty fast in doing the repairs needed to restore the electric. So far, so good. Today I'm picking up a few more pieces of furniture I bought. A desk and chair for my bedroom, and a couple more night stands for the guest bedroom. Then of to see the attorney who will be handling the second step of getting my Temporal Residente Visa submitted and approved. A fully licensed attorney - and her fee is the equivalent of $80 USD. I'm constantly floored at the differences I find between here and the US. And finally, my dear friend Laura and I will have our own lunch together before she leaves Saturday morning. Her presence will be greatly missed but as several of you know, long distances do not stand in the way of deep friendships. If enough creative energy remains when I get home, day #3 on my painting is waiting for me.

3:30pm - Happy happy joy joy Stopped in at my favorite thrift shop this morning and scored a wonderful little Canon inkjet printer with extra ink cartridges. My concern, would it work with my laptop. I was assured that if it didn't I could take it back. IT WORKS! Yep, all is great and it only cost the equivalent of USD $25. Now I need to buy paper. I left reams of it in FL. I absolutely love the little surprises each day holds!!!

8pm - Wellllll, I was feeling a bit beat around 4:30 so I decided to lie down on the new sofa to see how comfortable it is for a good stretch out. Just woke up at 8pm. Gotta tell you, the sofa is good! And the cats were apparently enjoying laying all over me so, no complaints from them. Yes, I'm still tired enough to go back to bed for the night but I'll probably be awake in the wee hours. Oh well. When you're retired, your time is yours to mold any way you want. Retirement rocks! Buenos noches amigas y amigos.

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