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How This Started

Updated: Jun 17, 2018

Several years ago I realized that changes would be needed in my life, and that would likely mean living outside of the US. I didn't seem to perfectly fit anywhere and I had a bad case of wanderlust. This was before I retired, but it was when the search for a new home began.

I vowed to myself that my remaining years would be adventurous. I adore my children and grandchildren but they all have lives and interests and I realized that the clock was ticking on my life. If anyone was going to bring me adventure, it had to be me!

Upon retiring, as a single woman of 63+, travel became a relatively common thing in my life. Some within the US and some in other countries. I had actually spent 2 weeks in Ecuador while I was still working and married but Ecuador and I didn't have a future.

Some dear friends had left Ecuador and moved to the Riviera Maya in Mexico. They absolutely loved it! I was encouraged to visit and try it out. Eventually I did and my vacation on the Mexican Caribbean in 2017 was wonderful. I felt completely at peace and at home BUT that part of Mexico still had the elements of Florida which I wanted to escape: heat, humidity, and hurricanes.

I had read about a large expat community in the interior of Mexico at Lake Chapala. The elevation is over 5000 feet and the climate much more temperate. That was my next destination. I joined numerous Facebook groups and learned as much as I could, while making new friends.

My two weeks at Lake Chapala began at the end of February 2018. The first week I explored with a travel buddy and was in love with everything. The second week I was sick from something I caught on the plane. New friends nurtured me, fed me, housed me, and took me to a doctor. I was able to fly home on schedule and was thoroughly convinced that I would live there in the very near future.

I followed up on a rental listing after returning to Florida and ended up renting a home for the beginning of May. Trouble was, I already had a two week trip to Italy booked from May 6th to the 18th and I couldn't get out of it. So, I went to Italy, got sick again for the full second week, returned home with one week to pack and recover, and left on a five day drive on May 25th, 2018.

This is a synopsis of what led to my Mexican move. The rest is documented in a day by day blog. I hope you'll follow along and that you'll enjoy the wonder as well as realize that you too can follow your dream.

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