• CheryLynn Ferrari

Almost Ready

Updated: Jun 17, 2018

This cold is kicking my butt! It was SO hot and humid yesterday (but no rain) and I tried to get some loading done but for every trip to the van I had to sit for 15 minutes to breathe in the A/C so I'd stop coughing. My daughter is coming to help me finish this morning, except for the last minute items like the final laundry load, the critters, and my carry on case which go in tomorrow before we depart. There are items I thought would fit that I'll be leaving behind but nothing critical. Always the optimist, I figured I could get in more than physically possible. Visiting mom this afternoon. Dinner with the kids. A good sleep tonight. 8am is kick off. It's really here! I'm watching FB posts of other single women with critters who are making the drive right now. One who is just 2 days ahead of me. Everyone is doing just fine and I will too.

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