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A change of plans today freed up my day so I took advantage of an invitation to join others at a Newbies luncheon in San Juan Cosala at Viva Mexico, a wonderful local restaurant with an interesting history and beautiful murals and art. There were about 30 women, many having arrived lakeside within the past 6 months, all warriors with their own stories of how they chose this location and the struggles they faced to get here. A few were married but the majority were single.

In a group that large, it's impossible to have the opportunity to talk with everyone in depth so you get to spend time with those immediately around you. I'm always amazed at the numerous things we have in common. Being here is like finding a colony of explorers who share your ideologies and dreams. So many are artists of some form or appreciators of arts.

Most are great humanitarians, giving of their time to homes for the aged, charities for underprivileged and desperately needy nationals, orphanages, education of local children, building new structures and engineering marvels in poor villages, and the list goes on. Many also volunteer or start their own rescues for the street dogs and cats, doing spaying and neutering, and even finding homes in the US and Canada where the fur babies are flown. The people and the economy of lakeside are greatly benefitted by the expats but there is a downside which I'll go into in another post.

Coincidentally, San Juan Cosala (pronounced CO sa la) was also having it's own celebration yesterday and several young girls had apparently received their Confirmation at church earlier in the morning. It was quite a festive day. Decorations were being put up over the streets, cooking and grilling under canvas covers at the front doors of businesses and homes on the street, decorated floats, and typical joyous cacophony everywhere. This is one of the big things that I find so endearing about Mexico. The people here find reason to celebrate everywhere because they appreciate and love life.

What I thought was going to be a couple of hours turned into the major part of the day. I didn't get home until almost 4pm so jammies and a movie were all that I could manage for the evening. Though my late afternoon view from my mirador was beautiful, I was given the added gift of seeing a glorious full moon over the lake last night. A beautiful still, clear, night save for a soft cool breeze. I can see the lights of the villages across the lake and they twinkle, due to varying temperatures arising from the lake waters which affect my vision. I'm always reminded of Christmas decorations, at least until I actually experience a Christmas season here. I'm told it will be incredible!

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