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Oaxacan Artisans

The Mexican state is pronounced Wah Hah Cah and it's a place known far and wide for it's talented and skilled artisans, craftsmen, and weavers, and it's colorful and festive celebrations. One of these days I'll do a side trip to Oaxaca but fortunately, some of the beautiful creations do make their way to the other states occasionally, especially during big art and craft festivals.

This week, we were visited by some of the Oaxacans who came to sell many of their gorgeous hand painted carved wood pieces. You know what a sucker I am for wonderful art, so I did splurge and bought two small pieces for myself. I fell in love with the birds; the hummingbird, parrot, and peacock. But these things take a lot of time to make and they aren't cheap. No problem, I saved so much on my trip to Tonala that I had some pesos burning a hole in my pocket.

The peacock came in three sizes and, sadly, all three were beyond my scope for today. But I got a bit of a reduced price for buying more than one piece and I chose a parrot and hummingbird to bring home. These are small and so beautifully delicate. Each feather of the wings and tail is a separately carved and painted piece made to fit into the bird carving. It creates the impression of a bird actually in flight before your eyes. And the colors! I can just breathe them in for energy!

I'm told by everyone that the Oaxacan weavings are awesome too. I need some textiles for my walls to soak up some of the echo and to add more Mexican spice to my decor. I also want to get some blankets (100% wool woven into awesome colors and designs) and bedspreads. In November there will be a big annual festival right here in Chapala and all of the things I want should be available. Until then, a little at a time.

On a different note, I faxed in my ballot for the primary election in Florida today! Yay me! The Supervisor of Elections office personnel were absolutely wonderful in helping me to get over a few little hurdles to making my voting process work. Now I'm ready for the November election.

I had a great conversation today with Rick, of Lakeside Hillbilly's Slow Smoked Southern Style BBQ. Turns out he's a neighbor too. He moved here from the states 10 years ago and has been building a BBQ business. You know how many times I've mentioned the new restaurant on my corner. Well, he'll be leasing part of the kitchen and helping Sam, the owner, to expand their menu with the good old smoked BBQ loved by Americans. He also sells prepared foods in shrink wrapped bags at various places around lakeside. Today I bought a package of ribs and one of wings. Ate the wings for lunch - DELISH!!!!!

I may never cook again!

I stopped at Lucky Dog on my way home. It's a dog rescue just up the highway from me thats run 99% by volunteers. My aim was to volunteer to take photos of the pups in residence on a weekly basis for their FB page. I figured that if people could see all of the adorable little faces, the critters may find homes faster. Well, most of the people in charge were not there today but I left my contact info. And........someone had dropped of a crate of 6 puppies in the last couple of days. OMG, puppy breath! I haven't smelled puppy breath in so long. And the fat little tummies of pups that just ate and their tiny tongues as they lick your hands and cheeks. Four of them have the dark coloring with the medium brown accents of a shepherd. Of those, two had longish coats (one actually a bit curly), one medium, and one short haired, that was the runt. Two of them were vanilla colored. I hesitated, I lingered, I held each and every one, but I didn't cave. I could have, though. I'll return on Monday to take some photos and we'll see where my head is at then. Absolutely no telling how big they'll get or what they'll look like, but surprises here in Mexico have been good ones.

And last, but certainly not least, I just got a message from my lawyer. My Residente Temporal visa is ready for me to pick up at the immigration office. I'll get that on Monday and I am set! All I do is pay to renew it each year for the next 3 years (having it a total of 4 years) and then I can pay to have it changed to a Residente Permanente visa without ever having to financially qualify again.

Life is good at lakeside. Peace!

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