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Peaceful Views

Good morning lake, from my (dirty) bedroom window. I often see fishermen rowing out, livestock grazing, and numbers of white pelicans flying in formation. It's a wonderful view for waking up and going to sleep. I like it here.

Today's remarkable story! The owners of the house promptly came this morning at the designated 10am to take care of a short list of items that needed attention. The husband, whom I hadn't met yet and is a tall and handsome man, is just as incredibly nice as his lovely wife, Maria. He fixed the leaky toilet, they got the hot water heater working,

showed me how to use the gas stove and oven (I've always had electric), and instructed me on important matters like garbage day (everyday you just hang your little plastic bag on a nail on the post out front and the guys will come collect it). No one accumulates much because it's picked up daily. My bedroom ceiling fan isn't working up to par to he and his go-to guy will come back 3-4pm today to do that. I asked about someone from the village here who could occasionally be called on to clean - they will give me a couple of names. He suggested having his nephew come over to clean up the tiny front yard by trimming, filling in grass runners where the grass had turned brown from the house being vacant,and maybe even planting a few more flowery things. She suggested having the nephew clean up the cobweb type things on the outside of the house and the exterior of the windows too as she wasn't too happy that there was so much dirt for me as a new renter. I asked them about good places to buy furniture and they offered to TAKE ME to the place where they go to get new at very reasonable (Mexican) prices. He is going to look into a possible solution for the electric gate opener so I can park my van inside the carport. I told them of my dilemma being able to only get a bit of money daily due to bank restrictions on withdrawals so I'm tapped out till Monday. He said not to worry, they would pay for any services and I could pay them back with the rent or before if I like but assured me it wouldn't be much. I would have guessed him to be mid 50s and her maybe mid 40s. Come to find out he is 70 and she is late 50s. I was astounded. I asked her if she would make up a written lease for me as thus far we've been dealing on verbal agreement. She was happy to do so and asked me "for how many years?" with a big smile. I told her only one to start but if they keep treating me this way it could turn into 10 or longer. Yes, it's another very good day!

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