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Race for the Roses

Ahhh, and a busy day it was!

I had three pieces of furniture coming today, very exciting for me. I had to pay for all of them plus the delivery, less exciting!

My running started at 10am. Upon exiting my front door, I met yet another neighbor across the street. The Mexican woman who owns the home there and her sister are in residence for just a month. They live in the states 11 months of the year (citizens) and will be here full time when they retire. They were lovely and just went on and on about how wonderful San Nicolas is as a place to live. How could I possibly disagree?

First visit was to the bank for the cash to make the rest of the day happen. On the way there, I passed my flower man on the side of the road and he had roses for me today. I had to figure a way to get to him before he went home since he got those roses especially for me. After the bank, I was off to my favorite consignment shop where I was to meet the mover at 11am. When he didn't show, I called, he was running late. Well, this is Mexico!

So I meandered down the street to a couple of other shops I may visit again soon. It was a fun way to spend an hour.

The mover arrived and he and his guys loaded my dining room buffet. I paid for my purchase and we were off to the next stop, a lovely residential community called Chapala Haciendas up on the side of the mountain with gorgeous views of the lake. I got a bed and a chest of drawers from a moving sale. They were finishing the loading and Eduardo told me to head on home. He knew the way from there, he was the one I had called to deliver the dining room table.

Yay! That gave me just enough time to stop for the roses on my way back home. My flower man was happy to see me and so proud to show me the variety he had gotten. I was only going to get two but I couldn't pass on getting four rose bushes, they are so pretty and smell so wonderful. The price for all of them with a little tip for him, $7.50 USD. That probably wouldn't have purchased one plant at Lowes in FL!

So, I beat the movers back to the house. They unloaded everything and set things up as I asked. It's customary here to negotiate the price of a service with the owner and then generously tip the helpers. They worked hard and a generous tip for them was $200 pesos each plus I threw in another $50 pesos for each (including the owner) to have lunch at the new restaurant on my corner (promoting my local businessmen). By the way, that was $10 USD for each of the two helpers and $2.50 for lunch. It's easy to be generous here at lakeside.

Having had nothing to eat yet and since it was about 1:30pm, I walked up to the restaurant and ordered a burrito and coke to go ($2.50 USD). I met a lovely lady, US citizen, who lives just east a pinch on the carretera (highway) and we exchanged numbers. She bought a home here about 9 months ago and loves it. There was little time to chat since she was finished with her chicken fajitas, which she raved about, and was off to a Spanish class. We will have lunch together soon.

I'm in for the rest of the day and so full from a late lunch that there is no need for dinner. Sitting at my desk upstairs by the screen door to the mirador and enjoying the sweetest of breezes and a clear view of the mountains on the south shore. Tomorrow will be a stay at home and paint day for me, while all of you in the states are celebrating the 4th of July with fireworks and lots of heat and humidity.

Have a wonderful evening and holiday tomorrow. Everyday for me is a holiday. Retirement Rocks!!!

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