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Slippin' and Slidin'

My end of town is fine - no worries. But toward the west end of the northern lakeside shore as you approach Jocotepec, the rain caused some real earth moving events today.

This is the rainy season so the ground is trying to absorb quite a bit of water each day. Some areas get saturated and something's got to give.

I've been told that this subdivision of dense population which is built from the lake edge up the side of a mountain is fairly unstable. Apparently there have been landslides and mudslides before. Well today a bunch of that mountain seems to have slipped right down the streets of the neighborhood. No injuries. And don't worry, I don't live on the side of a mountain.

I started my day off early as I drove to Ajijic to pick up 6 dining chairs at a bargain basement price of $6 each. A quick trip to Walmart for essentials not available elsewhere - no groceries - and a stop at the bank for cash for Saturday in Guadalajara. Then on to Chapala for a cheese tasting event. It was great! The specialty store put out at least 15 kinds of cheeses, let everyone taste each, explained what they are and how to use them and gave handouts with info and recipes. What a success! I bought a creamy cheese like sour cream but not sour; great for baked potato or taco topping. Also got a small round of feta; how I love a little crumbled on salads! And a yummy stand alone type of cheese that also melts nicely for some Mexican dishes. Those and some croutons came to about $8. I know cheeses aren't cheap so I was pleased.

Next door to the Cremeria are the two fresh veggie stores where I now shop. A few fruits (raspberries taste like those from grandma's garden, mom) and veggies and some local honey for me today. That set me back about $9.

Swung by the paint store and still couldn't get the green I want but I did leave with great shades of Azul, Violeta, y Amarillo. So much to paint!!! And the new chairs got added to the list.

And final stop at the truck of my favorite flower man. Got two lovely colors of bougainvillea to add to my garden to cover the front fence. Bougainvillea is used a lot over fences and walls due to it's nasty thorns hidden under the beauty. It helps deter trespassers.

I called the owner of the house when I got home to ask them to get the gardener back here asap. All of this rain has filled my flower beds with weeds again and he now has 6 plants to plant for me. Maria (owner) also dropped by for just a minute and she loves the under stairs thing I'm doing. I gave her the painting I did for her of the Bird of Paradise and she was thrilled. Reciprocating kindnesses and good will go a very long way with most people but especially with those Mexican born.

Time to fix dinner. Have a wonderful evening filled with blessings!

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