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Sweater Weather?

A good share of yesterday was overcast with the threat of rain but little came down where I am. I was surprised that the strong breeze was so chilly! I didn't look it up but I'd guess it could have been in the 60s with the wind. Wish I had taken a sweater when I went out.

Met with a lovely lady, Karen, who is staying in Ajijic for several days on her exploratory trip to lakeside. I wanted her to see things that I love about Chapala so we went driving, walking the malecon, tripped out to my house to drop off a counter stool I bought from my favorite place It's Kinda Bazar, and had lunch on the lake. She loved my little village and felt the same peace I did from the beginning.

In our hours of conversation we found so many commonalities, really incredible! But it's like that here. So often you meet people and find out how much you are alike. Then you do things for each other and become friends. I have more friendly acquaintances here in 3 weeks than I had in Ft Pierce, FL, in 5 years. People are just so much more outgoing and sharing it forward is the norm.

I remember, during my own exploratory trip, the way Laura drove me around introducing me to the lakeside neighborhoods, restaurants, and stores. Taking me to the doctor and pharmacy when I needed it. And another friend, Shelly, making sure I had food to eat when I was sick and couldn't get out. Chris delivered furniture before I got here and Linda helped me tremendously with getting my rental home. Doing those kinds of things for others when they need it is just a part of living here now.

On another note, my baby birds are all flying now but are sticking close to their nests. Adorable as they are, figure 5-6 nests with 4-6 babies in each along with their parents, all flying around my house and in my carport, all sitting on the low hanging wires out front. My van is covered in bird droppings. There are smatterings of the same all over the ground under the nests. Time for these little ones and the parents to go find dwellings in the trees so I can clean up!

Watched a miniseries over the past couple of days on Amazon called Goliath. It was from 2016 but had a great cast of stars and it turned out to be quite an on-the-edge-of-your-seat show. A LOT of language though but it fit in with the characters.

Today's agenda is mundane, cleaning and laundry. But it's time to get back to my painting on the easel and I have another one itching to materialize so a painting day it will be......and maybe a nap later because I can.

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