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The Warrior vs the Waterheater

A couple of days ago the pilot light went out again on the water heater. Sigh. Still a couple of things about my new life that greatly intimidate me; some of the driving, and the gas stove and water heater. I admit, this warrior gets waves of anxiety but forcing myself to overcome is my only option. I will not be whiny and dependant.

I got the pilot light lit again after a few tries and was pretty proud of myself, but the water didn't seem to be heating. For the past couple of days I have taken some cold and very quick showers because I didn't want to call the owners again and was kind of punishing myself for not figuring it out.

Yesterday my only outing was to see my friend Chris and deliver a small painting as a token of my appreciation for all of his help. It totally escaped me to ask about the water heater while I was there. So today I had cold water to deal with again and I told myself this was it, this was the end!!

I posted for assistance on FB and four friends chimed in to help. My biggest problem was fear that I was going to burn down the house. I had gotten the burner to come on a few times but the flame seemed so big it scared the crap out of me. I took photos and shared, they made suggestions which I followed, and I was assured that the burner flame was supposed to be big, that's how these things operate.

It's working now, but I'm sticking near the front door in case something unexpected happens. The tank of water should be warm in about 90 minutes. We'll see if this sucker turns itself off then or if I have another issue to deal with, it is an old water heater.

The learning and forging new frontiers never ends, my friends. Some of it is scary, some of it is exciting, some of it is fascinating, but it is never boring.

Today is July 1st. Here in Mexico that signifies election day, yes, even though it's Sunday. That means the end to the pickup trucks with loudspeakers going up and down every street proclaiming a chosen candidate. I'll miss that a little.

I've heard some expats discussing a bit about the political situation. I pay little attention because it is prohibited for non citizens here to participate in or influence decisions in politics and elections, as it should be. The only thing that has been blatantly obvious is that those running for political positions take their lives into their own hands. Between the cartels and the opposing parties out gunning for them, a large number are killed during the campaigning. Most of us from other countries are far more safe here than in the US as long as we aren't involved in drugs or politics. It will be interesting to see the end result and how it affects the general population.

Mexico is rich in many natural resources and in many areas of medicine and technology. It needs good leadership to promote those things on a world level and to bring it's people forward in living standards and infrastructure. The people I've met here are so hardworking and family oriented, I couldn't respect anyone more for their attitudes and work ethic. No part of Mexico should be in the realm of a third world country with all it has to offer. Getting a first hand view of the election and the results will be another education for me in this new life I've chosen.

It will be a quiet Sunday for me but a busy week ahead. Beginning my 2nd month in Mexico. Hope you'll hang in here with me as I continue to explore and learn.

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