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Time for TV

Three weeks ago this morning I started out from Florida on my life changing drive. So much has changed, so much has gotten done, so much to absorb. And it seems like so much more time has passed. This is the first time in my life I have lived alone. The cats are good companions. I don't know if I could do this without some other living creatures to accompany me. They are intrigued by the swallows darting about outside the windows. The vocal one talks to me all day. They curl by my legs when I sleep. They are so comforting. There is enough outdoor activity on my street to let me know I've got people nearby. The gas, water, and garbage trucks, as well as a variety of others, go by daily. My neighbors come and go in their cars. People walk up and down the streets and the street dogs and neighbor's dogs bark periodically. Since it's election time, I often hear the campaigners with their loudspeakers and music driving the streets to spread their messages. The church is just one block over and I love the church bells. Whenever there is activity in the town center, I can clearly hear that too. When I'm outside, everyone who walks or drives past offers a smiling "Buenos Dias". And the views are so different from Florida and so beautiful. I've always had a heart for the country and being just 4 miles out of Chapala gives me the feel. The horses and cows abound. Occasionally I'll hear the clop clop of horses hooves on the cobblestone as some caballero rides his mount up the street in front of my house. Though roosters and hens don't wander the streets (like in Key West), I do hear their crows in the early morning. Here at lakeside you can be as involved and active as you want. You can also be as quiet and secluded as you want. I'm not an overly social person so an activity or two and occasional lunches or shopping with friends is plenty for me. I'll be needing to do a trip to Costco in Guadalajara soon and there are options so I don't have to drive it myself. Some expats who don't mind the drive will post the date and offer space to others who will chip in for gas. Also, the Lake Chapala Society does a trip once a month, I think, for a reasonable fee. The only real anxiety that will take a long while for me to deal with is the driving here. Sure, I drove over 2,100 miles to get to Lake Chapala, and about 750 of that was in Mexico, but the driving rules are different here and that is concerning. I have good insurance, that is an absolute requirement. But there is some corruption within the ranks of the different law enforcement departments and stopping people to elicit a bribe is not unheard of. Also, traffic accidents are handled in a far different way. All in all, tens of thousands of expats from all over the world drive in Mexico on a daily basis and the numbers of them who have any problems are miniscule. It's just my own bug-a-boo I guess. Well, I have some things planned for today and it's time to get busy. Cleaning my mirador is one. I really want to spend much more time out there because it's so beautiful. Come visit and I'll pour you a glass of wine. We'll enjoy it together. Noon - I have good fresh water from the tap - OH HAPPY DAY!!!!!!

With the onset of the wetter weather, my flowery birds are spectacular! I feel more paintings in the making.

4pm - So, today I decided to tackle the TV, or at least tackle some modicum of understanding as to what it will take to hook up the tv. Hulu is what I used in the US for my streaming TV (I don't want cable) but Hulu and CBS do not work outside of the US. Then I found out there is something called VPN (which gives you a US IP address so you can get the US offerings), and when I googled it the descriptions and connectivity and need for modems and, and, and...... boggled my brain. Once again my friends came to the rescue with all kinds of suggestions and referrals for devices. But Laura (how will I ever do without you and I'm so glad we can still message each other) was able to direct me to her go-to guy for all of my techy stuff needs. I told him no hurry, I'd actually rather read than watch TV, so we made an appointment for next Saturday. He'll come to the house, see what I have, get me set up with a VPN, get it all working, and his fee is the equivalent of $10 USD. Nope, I will never cease to be amazed at the differences between here and the US. Oh, and a new FB friend is taking me with her and her husband to Costco in a week. We'll make a day of it meeting for breakfast and having lunch on the way back. Life just keeps getting grander!!!


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