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Today I Like Green

Short post tonight, friends. It was a busy day though so I'll run through the activities because some of them are darned good!

First appointment was at a car mechanic. Janice recommended him first, but several others I know use him too. The problem, the latch inside the car to pop the hood came off. I thought it was broken. Ferdinand took about 20 minutes to repair it and wanted to keep the cover panel so he could fix it too. Cost to me, $10. This man speaks wonderful English and is married to a woman from Chicago. They have 7 kids! He's obviously very good at what he does because the place was packed with cars and people came and went while I was there. Yay! Now I have a mechanic!

Headed out to Ajijic to buy a ticket for an August group bus event to Tlaquepaque (Tlack-eh-PACK-eh), a well known town for artisan and craftsman work about an hour away. There will be an art festival and I want to experience it!

Bought some fresh coffee (had him grind it) from the coffee guy who parks his truck at the side of the road and sells his bagged beans from there. Everyone recommends him so of course I have to try it. A kilo is a little over 2 lbs. I bought one kilo for $9 USD, thats $4.50 per lb.

Found 2 little stone look vases made from clay at my fav consignment shop. Browsed another shop but found nothing I wanted. And then headed back home.

There is one street I take that crosses a part of Chapala to get me to the carretera (the main highway running along the north side of the lake). I'm sure I told you about it before because it is full of topes, those wonderful speed bumps. I took that street home and passed a truck that had unloaded a lot of wood furniture pieces to sell on the side of the road. So, I did a U-ey and went back to ask the prices. I need some cabinets or shelves in my bathrooms and I'd like one in my kitchen to use as a pantry. His prices were a bit higher than I thought they should be so I passed.

Final stop was the most fun. A paint store on the tope street! I did my best to convey my desires to the lovely young lady and we worked it out just fine. I started out with just a quart of a glorious eyepopping green. At this store, the cost was about $9.50 USD so I have established that it costs roughly a third more than in the US. I'll check other stores for prices before I buy more but this was good to get me going. I already have paint brushes and this is water based acrylic so my needs were filled.

After getting back to the house, I broke open the can with my trusty screw

driver. They don't supply those little opener gadgets here. The transformation of my furniture has begun. More colors to follow and pics when finished. But you can have this little peek today.

That's it! Had a vegetarian dinner and it's time to put my feet up and read a book. No matter how mundane or how active and exciting, every day here is good.

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