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Tonala - A Shoppers Nirvana

I can't thank my friends Dave and Diann enough for inviting me on their trip to Tonala. It was absolutely so much more than I had hoped and I will be going back. A new acquaintance joined us who Diann had just met on FB. We had a grand time!

The route wasn't scary, just up the highway toward Guadalajara and then hop onto a couple of toll roads. All together about 30-35 miles from home and easy traveling there and back. I want to have time to take many more photos on my next trip because I saw things that were just awesome and I was so absorbed with looking and purchasing that I forgot to get the camera out.

What do you find there? Well, I saw public art just for the viewing that alone was worth the trip, all kinds of pottery and Talavera ware, decorative stuff for walls, jewelry, window dressings of the most unique designs and delicate fabrics, furniture, beadwork, more things than I can even remember. There were 3 shoppers in the car and the driver (Dave, bless his heart!) so we had to be cognizant of the amount of space our purchases would take up. I'm sharing pics of things I bought in this post but you're welcome to go to my FB page, CheryLynn Ferrari, to see the public album I'll create with the other photos I got too.

We left home at 10am and returned by 2pm. Plenty to absorb for one day. I purchased a fountain for my indoor garden, 2 pots for plants, and 2 ceramic wall decorative pieces. The fountain is 3' tall and included the tubing and pump. It's a sturdy little sucker. My total expenditures in pesos - $510 (about $27 USD). I am doing my happy dance all over the living room!

I'd like also to spend time in some furniture stores there. I need a couple of bookshelves, a pantry cabinet, and some pieces for the family room. I need more plant pots too for inside and out. And I want a Talavera butter dish. And maybe I can find a place that makes unique frames for my paintings? Oh, and a chiminea for the patio. Everything in time, patience, breathe, I have to remember to remain on Mexican pace for my good health.

The surprises here are sometimes small and sometimes huge, but have so far all been good. I hope you are even half as happy as I am with each new day that you get, mine are incredible!

Blessings and peace!

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