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Unicorn Spit and Thunderstorms

Sitting by the door to the mirador just looking through the window and enjoying the downpour. There's something cuddly about being in a warm dry home while watching the rain come down outside. Thank you, Lord, for a warm and dry home!

I did it to myself and I promised I wouldn't, but it is my nature. I have two oil paintings going, I'm painting the living room wall and cage, and I'm painting the dining room hutch and buffet. I swore I would only allow myself one or two things at a time, but I couldn't stop myself no matter how hard I tried.

Today I worked on the buffet. I wasn't able to get the additional colors I wanted at the paint store yesterday. They were out of the base tints for the shades I chose. I'll try again on Thursday. But I did get an off white that is giving me something to do to make progress. The goal is to be wild and tie all the pieces together; table, chairs, and buffet. This is Mexico so anything goes.

I perused the paint stock I brought with me and was able to come up with some magic. Purple is a popular color south of the border and right there in front of me, on the shelf of acrylic paint containers, appeared purple Unicorn Spit. Not kidding, this is the real stuff of unicorns!

Covering the yucky brown/red that was on the buffet sometimes takes three or more coats. I worked on the trim of one cabinet door and then the painting of the calla lily on the door panel. It's still a work in progress with a long way to go but I like how it's shaping up.

Interesting thing about the Calla Lily, it's not the national flower nor is it even indigenous to Mexico, though you see them prolifically in all forms of art. It seems that the famous Mexican artist, Diego Rivera, (husband of Frida Kahlo) often used the Calla in his paintings and so, everyone else jumped on the bandwagon. Now it's a common sight everywhere.

Painting days for me are fulfilling but probably boring to read about. Part of the attraction of living here is that I get as much me time as I desire to read, paint, and write. I have activities planned for Thursday and Saturday but a few days a week out and about are plenty for me.

Thursday I'm going to a cheese tasting where I'll learn about the cheeses they make here and how to use them. And Saturday will be a day shopping in Guadalajara with a couple of friends. They're going to take me to some art supply places too so that's got my blood moving with great anticipation.

Storm is over and it's about time to crawl into bed with a good book. But, I'm looking at the desk where my laptop and printer now sit and thinking it would look good painted with a poured resin top. When the muse gets on a roll, she

just doesn't slow down.

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