• CheryLynn Ferrari

Warrior Wins Again

OK, my TV solution. I'm not using the Roku at all, nor am I using Hulu. I did get a VPN, one of the best as per several web recommendations. It's only $33 USD per year and it works with my laptop to make it look like I'm in the US (and give me many other protections) so I can get the ABC and CBS shows when I want them. I also got Amazon Prime MX on the big TV so I get a plethora of TV shows and movies, only $23 USD for the first year and it includes all the Amazon Prime plusses. Works on the Smart TV with no streaming devices. Less than $5 per month and I have all I want and more. I'm good! Yep, yet another thing checked off the list of things to do and now I don't need the tech to come to my house. I do feel pretty proud of myself. There's some wine in the fridge, and some cheese and crackers. Perhaps I'll celebrate. Another Yay me moment. And to my friend, Don - yes, I AM a warrior!!!

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