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Weather - or Not?

Here at lakeside, it's supposed to be rainy season. I'm still the newbie so I listen to to longtimers when they compare things like weather, population growth, value of the peso, etc, to previous years. Seems the screwy weather changes are taking place here too.

We've gotten rain, and some bodacious thunderstorms with good downpours, but apparently not nearly in the quantity of what is expected. I actually had to pull out the garden hose to water my new plants, practically unheard of at this time of year. And the temps are higher than normal.

Typically in the high 70s during the day, we're now running 80-85 degrees but the humidity is still in the 60s. And our night time temps are in the low 60s so that is very refreshing. I do wear a sweater for a couple of hours when I get up far before the dawn, which is easy for me to do. It's now a few minutes before 7am and still black as midnight outside. I've been up since 5:30.

I watch the weather back in FL and see that the heat index has been well into the triple digits! Actual temps and humidity in the high 90s! I'm so glad I'm not there for that but I do worry for friends and family who suffer to just go outside.

So, what's with this weather stuff going on globally? My true belief is that global warming is real and we'd all better start doing something about it. I drive a gas hog but I make sure the emissions are at a very low level and only go into town a couple of times a week as needed. Recycling here in MX isn't even at the level of the US but I personally try to reuse and repurpose the plastics I receive, rather than just throwing them in the garbage, and encourage paper products instead of plastics wherever I can. We have a responsibility to our grandchildren and beyond to pass a healthy planet on to them, even if our governments aren't working toward that goal.

I've seen so many videos lately of the mountains of plastics floating in our oceans, it's so sad how blasé we are about pollution and waste. Oh, and PLEASE don't use balloons ever again! Especially the helium filled ones that get released and end up killing critters that ingest them.

On to a food topic! I pulled some chicken out of the freezer because I was in a carnivorous state yesterday. Cooked up some pieces to devour immediately and some with which to make chicken and rice soup. The chicken I got at the poultry butcher shop was really good! I love the tender meatiness you get here and knowing they were not grown in a chicken mill with all kinds of hormones! Yes! So, the soup turned out delicious and I'm freezing some portions for later.

If you don't want to cook your own or you want a good variety and don't want to spend numerous hours in the kitchen, there are some great cooks here who make soups to sell. They have quite extensive menu selections and the prices are very reasonable. Get your soup containers, bring them home, put them in the freezer, and never worry about it when you just don't feel like cooking. There's also a guy who does incredible BBQ and sells his cooked meats through a few different channels locally, one being my favorite consignment store. I hear that he'll soon be selling out of the restaurant on my corner. Too good to be true? We'll see.

I did buy a painting online from an artist I've been watching for a while. Pedro lives and paints in Guatemala but sells in Mexico City, Puerto Vallarta, and online as well. I've shared a few of his videos showing how he creates and it is a time consuming process but the end result is awesome. The info to reach him is posted as public on my personal FB page. Feel free to go there and take a look. My painting is titled Princesa Maya and she is holding sunflowers and calla lilies. The sunflowers are significant to me because of my pup who passed on the trip here.

My past few days have been full with buying a few more pieces of furniture for the house, and continuing my painting of furniture. At this point I am seeing a light at the end of the tunnel but.....one of the new little tables I bought also needs paint. What I do to myself! I've also made time to visit with a few friends, cook, and do the mundane household chores not worth mentioning. A lack of exciting adventure means lean blog posts but not every day is supposed to be over the top. That would get far too exhausting for me to deal with.

Even the quiet days are enjoyable here. Always some little unexpected surprise around the corner. Always a new view to enjoy or sound to give me pleasure. Always a peace where my spirit can find respite from the onslaught of negative outside my space.

I wish you peace today as you begin your weekend.

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