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Wonder Women

So, yesterday about 4pm I was carrying some laundry from off the clothesline upstairs and I saw a puddle of water on the bathroom floor in front of the sink. Uh Oh! A flexible connector under the sink was spraying a light mist and dripping and continued to do so even after I turned off the water valve.

I called the owners and Alberto said he would have Maria come right over. That made me curious because it was Alberto who fixed the leaky handle on the toilet. Within 15 minutes Maria arrived, surveyed the situation, and told me she'd be right back with the needed part and some help.

True to her word, Maria arrived with three of her sisters and the part they had just purchased from the hardware store a couple of blocks away. Two of them crawled under the sink while the other two sat and conversed with me downstairs and in less than 10 minutes it was fixed.

I've enjoyed having many creative, innovative, clever, and handy women in my life. Now I have this group of sisters to add to the ranks. There are nine sisters in all but only three of them live here. All of the others are in California and all nine are full US citizens. They visit back and forth, this being their hometown.

Every single day I am shown just how much I am loved and blessed by the people and circumstances brought to me. Sometimes I just shake my head in wonder. Times like these today completely restore my faith in the survival of our planet and our species.

"Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever."

Today I went into town to get some documents from my lawyer and to meet up with my new friend, Karen, for lunch. It was a marvelous outing. We walked a bit of Ajijic where the streets are narrow and uneven cobblestone but the colorful murals abound. Every turn is a delight for your senses and there's a plethora of interesting shops vending everything from food to clothing to desserts to art to real estate and more.

We had lunch at Peacock Garden in the most idyllic setting of tropical green space. It really was hard to believe it was in the middle of such a bustling and cram packed little town. First a basket of chips and 2 kinds of salsa. Then Monte Cristo sandwiches with sliced melon and apple on the side. My taste buds danced. With a cold bottle of water, the bill with tip was about $6 USD.

It was time to walk off some calories so we headed to the town square passing more murals on the way. The square, as in every town, is usually across the street from the church and filled with a gazebo or central gathering place. There are often stores, booths, vendors, and artistic elements around the square.

We then skipped over to the next street where we found a building decorated to honor the dead. Death in Mexico is a thing to be celebrated. They buy clay tiles in the shape of skulls and have the loved one's name put on it. Then it's affixed to the side of the building and every year on the night of the Day of the Dead, candles are lit in front of every tile. What a cool tradition!

Finally I walked back to the hotel where Karen was staying, La Nueva Posada. A gem on the lake edge full of architecture and art and sublime gardens. The prices are reasonable so if you'll be coming to lakeside and Ajijic is your destination - this is definitely a place to consider.

Of course I took pics of everything which I made into 3 albums on my personal page. I posted them as "public" so go wander through and drool to your heart's content.

I'm resting now - Peace!

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